Liposuction Treatment Overview

Are you considering making your summer body this winter? Typically, by the end of the winter season, we start thinking of shaping up for summer activities. Consider Xpress Lipo, an effective procedure for men and women to achieve their body contouring goals safely and effectively. Winter is the perfect time to get liposuction primarily because it provides more time to stay indoors for recovery. So, treat yourself to a better body while relaxing indoors and staying cozy. Xpress Liposuction procedures are minimally invasive and performed in office WITHOUT general anesthesia. These procedures are done fully awake with patients only requiring local anesthesia for the procedure.

Liposuction Recovery; Time to fully recover comfortably

Undergoing surgery during the winter gives your body plenty of time to recover before the summer months. Depending on the areas treated, initial results from liposuction are apparent approximately three to four weeks after surgery. A complete reduction of swelling and scars can take several months to fade and smooth. As some soreness and discomfort will immediately follow the procedure, we recommend taking enough rest and engaging in light activities for a couple of weeks. So, spend some quality time hibernating after your Xpress Lipo procedure. It will go a long way to expedite the healing process.

By carefully planning your surgery ahead in winter, you will give your body enough time to fully regain and recover from the procedure, and you don’t have to skip any summer activities.

Easier to stay indoors

During the winter holidays between November and January, most employees will be out of their office, making it easier to take a week or two off work during the winter. Also, most people are naturally less active during the winter, and enjoy restful, indoor activities that make at-home recovery after your procedure more enjoyable. You can stay away from distractions that are characteristic of spring and summer such as weekends at the beach, BBQ invitations, weddings and so on.

Reduce sun exposure

Winter season is also an excellent time for protecting the body from the sun because of less sunlight, fewer daylight hours and the clothing worn to keep you warm. Exposure to UV light can put scars at risk for improper healing. During the cold weather, you can remain indoors and stay away from the sun’s heat. During hot weather, we advice wearing a broad-spectrum high SPF sunscreen every day, to protect your skin. It is important to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

Cover your scars with winter clothing

After your procedure, you will likely experience swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Though incisions are small and minimal, there is always a chance that they may remain visible after the procedure. We recommend wearing a compression garment on the treatment area for several weeks to reduce swelling and promote healing. Your loose, comfortable winter apparels can easily conceal any incisions, swelling, bruising and compression garments, leaving them unnoticeable.

For all these reasons, winter is the perfect time to sculpt your body with a custom liposuction surgery!