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At Exert Clinic, we understand that cosmetic treatments can be expensive, and that is why we offer multiple payment and financing options to make it easier for our patients to get the treatments they need to look and feel their best. 

We offer


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Benefits Of Choosing Momnt:

  • Simple & Fast
  • Accurate Soft Credit Pulls
  • Apply online in minutes with no impact on your
    credit score and see if you’re approved right
  • There is no risk to see your offer! You can
    easily see what you qualify for before you
    decide to move forward, no commitment

Benefits Of Choosing CareCredit:

  • Easy application process
  • Low or no-interest financing
  • Flexible payment terms
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Benefits Of Choosing PatientFi:

  • 0% APR financing available! No hidden fees or
    gotchas. No compounding interest.
  • PatientFi looks beyond your credit score to get a
    better picture of the whole person you are, so they
    can approve more patients, and offer higher
  • Apply online in minutes with no impact on your
    credit score and see if you’re approved right away.
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Advantages of united medical credit:

  • Multiple plans to choose from
  • No prepayment penalties with flexible terms
  • Fast and easy application process with no
  • Plans available for credit-challenged applicants
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We offer an additional option using our bank to ensure our patients can get the procedure they want with payments that make sense. Patients with bad credit can especially benefit from this option as we do not pull your credit. Select your payment term of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months, and book a surgery date. Payments begin 1 month after surgery.

  • No interest
  • Gives you the ability to budget for your surgery
  • Can be combined with other financing options

At Exert Clinic

We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. That’s why we offer financing options through CareCredit, so you can get the treatments you need without worrying about the cost. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and to schedule your consultation with one of our expert providers.