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At Exert Clinic, we always aim to achieve natural outcomes for patients who want to reshape their figures after significant changes caused by pregnancy, major weight loss, or aging. He is widely respected for his mastery of body sculpting techniques. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Tarik, is a very talented and proficient plastic surgeon with extensive experience. He is highly skilled at performing high-definition liposuction and contouring the entire body.
Dr. Tarik Husain Plastic Surgeon In Fort Myers, FL



Dr. Tarik, a renowned plastic surgeon in Fort Myers, excels in high-definition liposuction and comprehensive body contouring. His expertise lies in crafting natural, balanced results for patients seeking to rejuvenate their bodies after pregnancy, weight loss, or age-related changes.


Dr. Husain’s credentials are particularly impressive, as he is one of only a few quadruple board-certified surgeons in the country. This rare distinction underscores his exceptional breadth of knowledge and skill across multiple surgical specialties.

Widely respected in the field of plastic surgery and body sculpting, Dr. Tarik has made notable contributions through his publications and international speaking engagements. He takes pride in developing personalized treatment plans to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. With Dr. Tarik, patients can expect to attain their desired look with minimal recovery time.

Our Plastic Surgery Services

Our experienced plastic surgeons constantly research new techniques and technologies to decrease surgical risk and optimize patient outcomes. We specialize in complete body contouring, including tummy tucks, breast lifts and augmentations, and liposuction (Xpress and HD). Our doctors combine surgical techniques with innovative devices, like Renuvion® J-Plasma, to reduce recovery time and improve results.

Xpress Lipo

Xpress Lipo is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure. It eliminates stubborn fat deposits from targeted body areas while the patient remains awake, using only local anesthesia. This allows for a faster recovery with less downtime compared to traditional liposuction methods requiring general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes just a few hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis. Our plastic surgeons use advanced techniques, such as power-assisted liposuction and Renuvion® skin tightening, to help people achieve their body contouring goals safely and effectively.

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High-Definition Liposuction

High-definition liposuction, also known as HD lipo or 6-pack liposuction, 
is a specialized technique that enhances muscle definition and creates a more sculpted, athletic appearance. The main goal of this procedure is to remove subtle, localized fat deposits while leaving muscles intact, allowing existing features 
to show through more clearly after healing.
During high-definition liposuction, our plastic surgeon carefully targets small pockets of fat between and around key muscle groups, such as the abdominals, obliques, pectorals, deltoids, biceps, and triceps. The doctor strategically removes fat to better showcase the underlying muscle structure. Specialized cannulas 
and other instruments help to protect the surrounding blood vessels, nerves, 
and lymphatics (the body’s drainage system). In some cases, fat grafting may also be used to smooth and shape certain areas after liposuction.
The ideal candidates for HD lipo are already relatively fit and have good muscle tone but desire more definition. This cosmetic surgery works especially well for sculpting the abdomen, hips, thighs, and chest area. It may help to achieve the appearance of “six-pack” abs, a V-shaped torso, chiseled obliques, and enhanced arm or shoulder muscles. The results can approximate the defined musculature of fitness models and bodybuilders.
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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an elective surgery that increases the size and improves the shape of breasts. It can be done with implants or using natural fat transfer. There are two main options for breast implants: saline and silicone. In addition, our plastic surgeons may offer more innovative devices called gummy bear implants. Enhancing breasts through natural fat transfer is also possible in our clinic. When performed by our doctors, breast augmentation is safe and highly effective. We receive so many compliments from our satisfied patients after they undergo this treatment.

Breast Lift

A breast lift (mastopexy) is a surgical procedure that raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. During this operation, our plastic surgeon makes proper incisions, eliminates excess skin, and the remaining breast tissue is shaped into 
a better form. The goal of a breast lift is to create more youthful-looking contours, achieve breast symmetry, and reduce sagging.
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Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the belly area. Excess skin and fat are removed from the middle and/or lower abdomen to tighten the muscles and other tissues. A tummy tuck can help to flatten the stomach, get rid of stretch marks, and reduce loose skin after pregnancy or significant weight loss. It may help people gain confidence by providing a firmer abdominal profile.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift enhances the size and shape of the buttocks. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from the belly, thighs, or other places. The fat is processed, purified, and then skillfully injected into precise areas of the buttocks. This helps to create beautiful, natural-looking contours and accentuate the body curves.
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Exert Clinic is one of the top destinations for plastic surgery in Fort Myers due to our extensive expertise, which goes beyond just liposuction. There are many other procedures we can offer:
A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that aims to create a more youthful appearance in the neck area. As people age, their skin loses elasticity, and excess fat can accumulate under the chin, making this part of the body appear saggy. A neck lift removes loose skin, eliminates fat deposits, and tightens local muscles. The operation can minimize wrinkles in the neck and enhance the contour of the jawline.
Facial surgery includes a variety of procedures aimed at improving or reconstructing facial features. For example, during an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), excess skin, muscle, and fat are removed from the eyelids to create a more youthful appearance. Specifically, upper blepharoplasty aims to eliminate droopy upper eyelid skin that obstructs vision, while lower blepharoplasty reduces bagginess and wrinkles below the eyes. Beyond blepharoplasty, there are many other facial surgeries, such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery), facelifts, brow lifts, chin augmentation, and more. They can address many issues, ranging from functional concerns to facial rejuvenation.
This is a common type of plastic surgery that treats different kinds of skin cancer, such as melanoma. During this procedure, the cancerous skin growth is removed together with some healthy surrounding skin to ensure that all of the affected cells have been eliminated. Our plastic surgeon can effectively treat this condition and minimize scarring.
Support Weight Loss Goals
Tummy tucks and liposuctions help to remove excess tissue after major weight loss. They complete the transformation process that makes the body look refreshed.
Treat Signs of Aging
With age, skin loses elasticity, and certain body areas may sag. Tummy tucks and other procedures aim to make people look more vibrant and youthful. We can boost their body image.
Correct Functional Issues
Some plastic surgeries correct issues that impair day-to-day function, such as overly large breasts that cause pain or excess skin that makes it harder to move. We can address these problems and greatly improve our patients’ quality of life.
Improves Appearance and Self-Confidence
Plastic surgery can help to improve areas of the body that the patient is concerned about, which may boost self-esteem and confidence. Procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck are popular for this reason.
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What Makes Our Plastic
Surgeons Different From Others?

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important to select someone with extensive training, advanced surgical skills, and dedication to patients. Each person in our team is a wonderful doctor who stands out from others in several key ways:
Plastic surgeons in Exert Clinic have honed their expertise in body contouring procedures, specializing in techniques like HD liposuction to help patients improve their muscular definition. Our precise surgical skills allow us to effectively transform bodies after major weight loss or pregnancy.
Staying current on the latest advancements, our doctors incorporate innovative devices like Renuvion® J-Plasma to reduce patient recovery times. They also use state-of-the-art non-surgical procedures to minimize side effects and achieve better outcomes. Our surgery center contains the most advanced technology to perform all operations seamlessly and achieve the best results.
Plastic surgeons in our clinic make each individual a priority. We take pride 
in developing personalized treatment plans to help people meet their aesthetic goals with minimal downtime. If there is an opportunity to use non-surgical treatments, our doctors always prioritize these options to make the patients 
as comfortable as possible and achieve amazing results.