Body Contouring Fort Myers

Body Contouring Fort Myers is a set of procedures encompassing various methods 
to enhance and sculpt your physique, aligning it closer to your ideal body image. Depending on the chosen method, body contouring performed by our highly skilled surgeons can range from minimally invasive treatment designed to reduce fat with little downtime to more comprehensive surgical options that reshape and refine larger areas of your body. Our body contouring at Exert Clinic is tailored to you, ensuring aesthetic results and harmonizing with your natural proportions. Take the first step towards enhancing your figure and boosting your confidence with the expertise 
and care provided by our experienced surgeons.
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What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring or body sculpting involves a range of medical and surgical interventions designed to reshape the body’s contours. These procedures aim 
to reduce stubborn fat cells, tighten the excess skin, and sculpt various body parts to create a more appealing and defined appearance.

Furthermore, body contouring caters to you if you want to refine and enhance specific areas of your body for a more personalized aesthetic. Fat reduction 
is an essential component in achieving your envisioned outcomes.

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Who is a Candidate for Body Contouring?

If you are considering body contouring procedures, you should meet specific criteria to be considered a suitable candidate. Typically, you might be a candidate for body contouring if you have experienced massive weight loss and are left with loose skin and excess fat tissue. Having good overall health and realistic expectations about the outcome of the body contouring would be best. You must consult our team of expert surgeons to determine if body contouring is the right option for your specific needs and goals.
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Benefits of Body Contouring

Are you curious if you can be a good candidate for breast augmentation with implants? You’re far from alone! It’s one of the most requested procedures at Exert Clinic. But this isn’t something that suits everyone. If you’re pondering whether this transformative experience is right for you, let’s explore the criteria of the candidate for breast augmentation procedure:



physical comfort

Boosted motivation for a healthy lifestyle

These are just a few of the many benefits of body contouring procedures. To learn more about how body contouring 
in Fort Myers can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, consult with our team of expert surgeons, who can provide recommendations customized to your personal needs and desires.
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Our Body Contouring Procedure

At Exert Clinic, we specialize in various body contouring surgical procedures, each thoughtfully designed to align with your unique needs and aesthetic aspirations. We aim to help our patients achieve a more sculpted, toned, 
and defined appearance by skillfully removing excess fat, tightening skin, 
and enhancing the body’s natural contours. Our comprehensive body contouring approach ensures that every aspect of your physique is considered, offering 
a transformation that complements your overall body shape and size.
The Xpress Lipo Awake is designed for those seeking efficient fat removal with minimal downtime. This liposuction technique utilizes local anesthesia, allowing you to remain awake and comfortable throughout the liposuction process. It’s ideal for targeting specific areas of fat accumulation, offering precision contouring with a quicker recovery period than traditional liposuction.

The tummy tuck procedure involves tightening the abdominal muscles while removing sagging abdominal skin and excess fat. This surgery is perfect for people who want a flatter, more toned abdomen, especially after significant weight loss or pregnancy. It can also be combined with other procedures for enhanced results.

The Mommy Makeover is a customized group of procedures focused on addressing the physical changes that can occur after pregnancy and childbirth. This comprehensive procedure often includes a tummy tuck, breast surgery (lift, augmentation, or reduction), and liposuction, each tailored to restore your pre-pregnancy body and boost your confidence.
Our range of breast surgeries includes breast lifts, breast augmentations using silicone implants, and breast fat transfers. Each procedure aims to achieve the size, shape, and elevation you desire. Whether you’re looking to enhance breast volume or lift sagging breasts for a youthful contour, our expert surgeons will guide you in choosing the procedure that best meets your goals.
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Recovery from Body Contouring

After the plastic surgery, you can expect some post-operative swelling and discomfort, which can be managed with oral pain medication as prescribed by our surgeon.

To ensure a smooth recovery and optimal body contouring results, you must follow all post-operative care instructions provided by our surgeon. This may include:
The recovery downtime will vary based on the procedure’s complexity. Our surgeon will give detailed instructions on when you can return 
to your regular activities and work. It’s important to keep all follow-up appointments with our surgeon to track your recovery, discuss any issues, and update your post-operative care plan as needed.

Cost of Body Contouring in Fort Myers

The cost of body contouring in Fort Myers can vary depending on several factors. These may include the type of procedure you choose, the extent of the treatment you need, the surgeon’s experience and reputation, and additional fees such as anesthesia and facility charges. 
On average, body contouring procedures can range from $3,000 to $15,000. However, 
it’s important to remember that this is an estimated range, and the final cost of your body contouring procedure will be determined during your consultation with our expert surgeons.
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Exert Clinic For Your Body Contouring in Fort Myers

Choosing Exert Clinic means entrusting your body contouring needs to a team renowned for their expertise and experience. Our team consists of highly skilled cosmetic surgeons and a board-certified plastic surgeon with a longstanding history 
of delivering successful body contouring results. At Exert Clinic, we prioritize a patient-centered approach, focusing on your comfort, safety, and overall satisfaction. We also offer a mommy makeover and other procedures for your cosmetic needs. Additionally, our dedicated team provides unwavering compassionate support and comprehensive care, ensuring you are well-informed and comfortable throughout the process.

We offer the highest level of service and consistently achieve optimal outcomes. 
Exert Clinic can help you achieve your desired body shape and enhance your confidence. Don’t wait any longer to transform your body. Schedule a consultation 
with our expert surgeons in Fort Myers today.