Bra Roll Liposuction

In Fort Myers, Florida, bra roll liposuction addresses the stubborn and often frustrating issue of ‘bra rolls’ or ‘bra bulge.’ In this condition, excess skin and fat accumulate around the bra area, causing unsightly bulges, especially in form-fitting clothes. This can be a source of self-consciousness for many, leading them to seek a solution to smooth and refine their silhouette. Bra roll liposuction offered at Exert Clinic targets these areas directly, employing advanced techniques to remove excess fat and, in some cases, tighten the excess skin, resulting in a contoured and aesthetically pleasing back profile. This procedure can be a game-changer for those looking to eliminate these troublesome back fat bulges and enhance their body confidence.
what is Bra Roll Liposuction

What is Bra Roll Liposuction?

Bra roll liposuction is a cosmetic procedure aimed at eliminating the stubborn fat that accumulates around the bra line area – often referred to as the ‘bra roll’. This unsightly bulge can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness for many women, as it tends to be resistant to traditional methods like diet and exercise. The procedure targets these specific areas of fat deposition, resulting in a smoother, more contoured back and sides that allow for a more flattering fit of clothing and undergarments.

Before & Afters

The Bra Roll Liposuction Procedure


Before considering the bra roll liposuction procedure, a thorough consultation with one of our skilled surgeons is essential. During this initial meeting, patients can discuss their aesthetic goals, learn about the procedure, and understand the realistic outcomes. Our surgeon will evaluate the patient’s medical history, current health status, and bra roll area to determine whether they suit liposuction.

The surgical process Xpress Liposuction

The bra fat removal procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation, and our bra roll lipo procedure is tailored to the patient’s comfort and our surgeon’s professional assessment. Our surgeon will employ Xpress Liposuction, starting with small, strategic incisions in the bra line area. A tumescent solution is introduced to the region for easier fat removal as well as to reduce bleeding and discomfort. Utilizing a cannula, our surgeon delicately dislodges and removes the excess fat by employing power-assisted liposuction.


To complement the liposuction and address skin laxity, we incorporate Renuvion skin tightening, a cutting-edge technology that promotes collagen production and tightens loose skin after the liposuction procedure. This dual approach ensures that the unwanted fat is removed and the skin is firmed, delivering a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Are You a Candidate for Bra Roll Liposuction?

Bra roll liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to remove stubborn fat from the upper back area, just below the bra line. This procedure can significantly enhance the body’s contour and is particularly beneficial for those who haven’t achieved the desired results through diet and exercise alone. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for this surgery.

The ideal candidate for bra roll liposuction:

Is in good general health.
Has a stable weight that is close to their ideal body weight.
Possesses good skin elasticity to adapt to the body’s new contours after fat removal.
Does not smoke or is willing to quit smoking before and after the procedure to facilitate optimal healing.
Understands that if there is significant sagging skin, additional plastic surgery procedures, such as a skin lift, may be necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.
Additionally, they should have realistic expectations about the liposuction results, keeping in mind that it is not a weight loss solution but a way of addressing localized fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.
Bra Roll Liposuction post operative care

Post-operative care

Post-operative care for bra fat removal is essential for recovery and achieving the best results. Patients are typically advised to rest and limit activities, wear a compression garment to support the treated area, manage pain with prescribed or over-the-counter medications, avoid strenuous activities for a set period, attend follow-up appointments to monitor healing, take care of incision sites to prevent infection and maintain good hydration and nutrition.

Cost of Bra Roll Liposuction

In Fort Myers, FL, bra roll liposuction costs typically range from approximately $2,000 to $8,000. However, it’s important to note that additional costs may apply for pre-and post-operative care, such as consultations, compression garments, and follow-up visits.


Since this is a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by health insurance, so patients will need to consider the full out-of-pocket expenses. For a precise quote and to understand the cost, patients should schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons at Exert Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recovery time for bra fat liposuction can vary. Still, most patients can expect to return to work and normal activities within a few days to a week, with a full recovery and the ability to resume strenuous activities typically after four to six weeks. Swelling and bruising may last several weeks, and wearing a compression garment is often recommended during this period to facilitate healing.
The results can be long-lasting, provided the bra roll lipo patient maintains a stable weight and follows a healthy lifestyle. The bra fat cells removed during liposuction are permanently eliminated; however, the remaining fat cells can still enlarge if one gains weight. Therefore, while the results are permanent, significant weight gain can alter the outcomes.
As for scarring, any surgical procedure will leave some form of scar. However, the incisions made during bra roll liposuction are usually small and strategically placed in less visible areas to minimize the appearance of scars. Over time, these incision lines typically fade and become less noticeable. The skill of the surgeon and the patient’s skin type and healing ability also play a role in the visibility of scarring post-procedure.