Liposuction with Skin Tightening FL

Liposuction with skin tightening FL at Exert Clinic is a minimally invasive procedure, offering both fat reduction and skin-firming benefits for body contouring. It is a more holistic approach than standalone liposuction or skin tightening procedures, addressing multiple concerns in one go. Liposuction with skin tightening Renuvion offers the best of both worlds. By combining fat removal and skin firming in a single procedure, patients can achieve a more harmonious and youthful appearance. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight and are dealing with both excess fat and loose skin. It can also be a game-changer for older adults whose skin has lost elasticity due to aging.
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What is Liposuction with Skin Tightening?

Liposuction with skin tightening is an advanced cosmetic procedure offering a comprehensive body contouring approach. It combines the fat-removal benefits of liposuction with the skin-firming advantages of skin-tightening Renuvion treatment, often using specialized equipment for both. This dual approach utilizes the Xpress Lipo Procedure for efficient fat removal and combines it with the skin-firming advantages of the skin-tightening treatment Renuvion J Plasma. This procedure aims to eliminate stubborn fat deposits and tighten loose skin, providing a more contoured and youthful appearance.
Renuvion treatments employ radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity. Specifically, Renuvion is often used for individuals with mild-to-moderate skin laxity. However, a tummy tuck may be a more suitable procedure for those with severe loose skin in the abdominal area.

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Common Areas Treated:

Liposuction with skin tightening FL is a versatile body contouring solution that can be applied to various parts of the body, including specialized areas like neck liposuction and breast lift for men. This dual approach not only removes stubborn fat but also tightens the skin using Renuvion treatments, offering a more youthful and sculpted appearance.

Commonly treated areas include the abdomen, where post-pregnancy or weight gain-related fat can be effectively removed, and the skin tightened. The flanks or love handles, thighs, and upper arms are popular areas that benefit from this procedure. This combined method can redefine and tighten these areas for those concerned with aging or weight gain affecting the neck and jawline. It’s also effective for addressing excess fat and loose skin on the back and can provide a more balanced and lifted appearance for the buttocks. For men dealing with gynecomastia, the procedure can reduce and firm the chest area. Overall, liposuction with skin tightening FL provides a comprehensive approach to enhancing body contours.

The Xpress Liposuction with Skin Tightening Procedure

The Xpress Liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening procedure is an innovative solution for body sculpting, merging the advantages of fat elimination through liposuction with the skin-tightening benefits of specialized treatments. The following are the steps before surgery, the actual procedure, and the care needed afterward, providing a complete guide to what you can expect throughout the procedure.


During this initial meeting with one of our qualified surgeons, your medical history will be thoroughly reviewed, and a physical examination will determine which areas require treatment. Additional preoperative steps may include lab tests to confirm your overall health and suitability for surgery, a review of any medications or supplements you’re taking, and lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and limiting alcohol to optimize healing outcomes.

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The surgical process

Depending on your comfort level and the scope of the treatment, the procedure may use either Pro-Nox for rapid, self-administered pain relief or local anesthetic via the tumescent liposuction method, both of which eliminate the need for general anesthesia.
Our team of expert surgeons initiates the Xpress Lipo Procedure. The procedure is further optimized by power-assisted liposuction. This efficient approach involves making small incisions in targeted areas and using a specialized cannula to suction out unwanted fat. If local anesthesia is used, the tumescent liposuction method will numb the area, simplifying fat removal and accelerating recovery.
Once the fat is removed, the procedure moves to skin tightening treatment using Renuvion J Plasma technology. This advanced system employs radiofrequency energy and helium plasma to stimulate the collagen-rebuilding process, which tighten skin resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Post operative care

By following these guidelines, you can expect a smoother recovery and optimal body contouring and skin tightening results from your liposuction with skin tightening procedure.
Wear these for several weeks to minimize swelling and improve contouring.
Use prescribed or over-the-counter medications as your surgeon advises for minimal discomfort.
Avoid strenuous activities for 2-4 weeks, but light walking is encouraged.
Keep incisions clean and dry, and apply any prescribed ointments or creams. Sutures are usually removed within a week.
Attend regular check-ups for monitoring and possible adjustment of your postoperative care plan.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and regular exercise for lasting results. Avoid significant weight fluctuations
Liposuction with skin tightening FL: Post operative care
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Recovery and Results after Liposuction with Skin Tightening

The typical recovery period for liposuction with skin tightening varies depending on the extent of the procedure and individual healing rates. However, most patients can expect to return to light activities within a week. Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 2-4 weeks to allow for optimal healing.

Initial results can often be seen immediately after the procedure, but the outcome will become more apparent as swelling and bruising subside. This usually takes a few weeks to a couple of months. The skin-tightening results will further enhance over the coming months due to the stimulation of collagen production.

Who is an ideal candidate for liposuction with skin tightening?

A suitable candidate for liposuction with skin tightening should be in overall good health, both physically and emotionally. It's essential to be free from any conditions that could complicate surgery or recovery, such as uncontrolled diabetes, heart issues, or active infections.

While there's no strict age limit for undergoing liposuction with skin tightening, younger patients generally have more elastic skin, which can yield better results. However, many older individuals also achieve excellent outcomes, especially with the added benefit of skin tightening.

Candidates should have realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot achieve. While liposuction with skin tightening FL can significantly improve body contours, it is not a weight-loss procedure or an alternative for a healthy lifestyle.

This treatment is especially beneficial for people with specific areas of persistent fat that don't respond to diet and exercise, as well as those dealing with mild to moderate loose or sagging skin.

Benefits of Combining Xpress Liposuction and Renuvion J Plasma

By opting for this combined approach, you can enjoy the benefits of both fat reduction and skin tightening in a single procedure:
One of the most significant advantages of combining Xpress Liposuction with Renuvion J Plasma is the expedited recovery time. Both procedures are minimally invasive, reducing the overall stress on the body and allowing for a quicker return to normal activities.
The synergy of Xpress Liposuction for fat removal and Renuvion J Plasma for skin tightening offers a comprehensive approach to body contouring. This combination allows for more precise shaping and toning, delivering a more sculpted and aesthetically pleasing result.

Renuvion J Plasma technology stimulates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity. When combined with Xpress Liposuction, excess fat is removed, and the skin’s texture and firmness are enhanced, leading to a more rejuvenated appearance.

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Cost of Liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening

The estimated cost of liposuction combined with Renuvion skin tightening at Expert Clinic Fort Myers can range from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on numerous factors. The total cost can vary depending on the number of areas you choose to target for treatment. Additional considerations, such as anesthesia fees and facility costs, also play a role in determining the final expense.
Given these variables, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with our team of skilled surgeons at Exert Clinic Fort Myers for the most accurate and personalized cost breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liposuction with skin tightening combines two procedures to optimize body contouring. First, liposuction is performed to remove stubborn fat from targeted areas. Then, a skin-tightening method like Renuvion J Plasma is used to firm up the skin, using radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production.

It’s generally recommended to wait at least 2-4 weeks before resuming strenuous exercise, depending on your surgeon’s advice and how well you’re healing.

Scarring is generally minimal and depends on the technique used and your body’s healing process. Surgeons often use small incisions that are strategically placed to minimize visible scarring.