Arm Liposuction

At Exert Clinic, we specialize in arm liposuction in Fort Myers, Florida, providing advanced cosmetic procedures to our patients. Our signature Xpress Liposuction is designed to eliminate stubborn arm fat, shaping more toned arms and a youthful look. The procedure even includes the Renuvion Skin Tightening treatment to address skin laxity for enhanced results. In every step of the process, Dr. Giselle and our team at Exert Clinic strive to provide exceptional care and ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Experience the power of arm liposuction at Exert Clinic, where we turn your aesthetic aspirations into stunning realities.

What is Arm Liposuction?

Many individuals struggle with accumulated arm fat despite eating healthily and exercising regularly. If you find yourself in this situation, arm liposuction offers a viable solution to target and address excess arm fat. This surgical procedure removes stubborn fat from the upper arms, enhancing their shape and contour for a more toned and sculpted appearance. By undergoing arm liposuction, you can achieve a smooth arm contour and improved body silhouette, leaving behind flabby arms for good.

Arm lipo before and after photos


Arm Liposuction Procedure

At the Exert Clinic in Fort Myers, FL, we’re proud to offer Xpress Liposuction, an advanced arm liposuction technique designed to deliver optimal results with minimal downtime.

the “Awake” technique

One of the unique aspects of the Xpress Liposuction procedure at Exert Clinic is the “Awake” technique. This approach allows patients to remain conscious, albeit relaxed, during the procedure. The advantage is that patients can interact with Dr. Giselle, facilitating optimal fat removal and contouring.

During Xpress Liposuction

We use tumescent liposuction, an advanced technique that infuses the targeted fatty tissue with a specialized solution called tumescent anesthesia. This solution serves multiple purposes: it provides local anesthetic for comfort during and after surgery, contains a vasoconstrictor to minimize bleeding, and causes fat cells to swell and become easier to remove. This technique removes fat, reduces bleeding, and enhances patient comfort.

rapid back-and-forth movement of the cannula

Our power-assisted liposuction procedure also uses a rapid back-and-forth movement of the cannula. This vibration allows Dr. Giselle to pull out the fat more efficiently, reducing trauma to the surrounding tissues and leading to less swelling and discomfort after the liposuction procedures.
At Exert Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing safe, effective, and innovative liposuction techniques that cater to the unique needs of our patients, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Additional Benefits: Renuvion Skin Tightening Included

Enhance the results of your Xpress Liposuction with a cutting-edge addition: Renuvion Skin Tightening. We’re excited to offer this state-of-the-art technology as part of every Xpress Lipo procedure.

While liposuction effectively removes excess fat, it may not address skin laxity, which can result in a sagging appearance. The solution for that is Renuvion Skin Tightening. This procedure uses advanced plasma technology to contract the skin’s collagen fibers, which promotes skin tightening and stimulates longer-term collagen production for continued improvement over time.

Incorporating Renuvion Skin Tightening with your Xpress Lipo procedure can help address the issue of sagging arm skin, enhancing the overall contour and creating a more youthful and toned appearance. It’s an exciting advancement that takes your arm liposuction results to the next level, providing a comprehensive solution for reshaping and rejuvenating your arms.

Post-Operative Recovery and Aftercare

Proper post-operative recovery and aftercare are vital for optimal healing and lasting results after arm liposuction. This includes wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling and support the treated area, following Dr. Giselle’s instructions for rest and gradual return to normal activities, managing discomfort with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication, maintaining hydration and a balanced diet for optimal healing, practicing proper wound care, attending follow-up appointments, and gradually reintroducing physical activity as guided by Dr. Giselle. Follow these guidelines to support recovery and achieve the best outcomes from your arm liposuction procedure.

Arm Liposuction Candidates

When it comes to arm liposuction surgery, it’s crucial to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. The ideal candidates typically share specific characteristics:
You have noticeable fat deposits in the arms that are resistant to diet and exercise. These stubborn pockets of fat can often distort the natural shape of your arms, making you a possible candidate for arm liposuction.
Your overall arm shape may play a significant role in determining your suitability for the procedure. Individuals with arms that seem disproportionate due to excess fat might benefit significantly from arm liposuction.
While Renuvion Skin Tightening can enhance skin contraction, it’s important to note that having a certain level of skin elasticity can yield more successful results from liposuction.
Those in good general health are ideal candidates for any surgical procedure, including arm liposuction. You should be free from health conditions that could complicate surgery or recovery.
It’s crucial to approach arm liposuction with realistic expectations. While the procedure can significantly improve the shape and contour of your arms, it’s not a weight-loss solution or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

What is the cost of Arm Lipo, Fort Myers, FL?

In Fort Myers, FL, arm liposuction cost, on average, can be between $2,000 to $5,000, and the final price can be different depending on your specific circumstances. An initial consultation with Dr. Giselle is recommended to obtain an accurate estimate. During this meeting, we can provide a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your arm liposuction procedure.

Benefits of arm Xpress Liposuction

When it comes to arm liposuction, Xpress Liposuction stands out with various advantages that make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking to refine the shape and contour of their arms. Let’s explore some of the critical benefits of this advanced procedure:

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Xpress Liposuction is minimally invasive, meaning tiny incisions and less tissue trauma than traditional liposuction techniques. This results in reduced scarring and a lower risk of complications.

Precise Fat Removal

Xpress Liposuction allows for precise fat removal, targeting specific areas of excess fat on the arms. Our skilled surgeon, Dr. Giselle, can contour your arms with impressive detail, resulting in natural-looking and balanced results.

Shorter Recovery Time

Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of the Xpress Liposuction procedure, patients typically enjoy a quicker, more comfortable recovery period. This means you can return to your daily activities sooner, with less downtime.

Enhanced Body Contouring

Xpress Liposuction removes unwanted fat and helps sculpt and tone the arms for a more defined and attractive contour. The addition of the Renuvion Skin Tightening treatment enhances these results, addressing skin laxity and promoting a tighter, more youthful look.

Improved Self-Confidence

Above all, the most significant benefit of Xpress Liposuction is boosting your self-confidence. Achieving the arm shape you’ve desired can dramatically improve your body image and self-esteem, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in your skin.

Frequently asked questions about arm liposuction

Arm liposuction does involve making small incisions to access and remove the excess fat. While the incisions are typically small and strategically placed, they may result in minimal scarring. However, the scars from arm liposuction are usually small and fade over time, becoming less noticeable with proper healing and care.
Arm liposuction results can be long-lasting, but maintaining a stable weight is essential to preserve the outcome, as significant weight gain can affect the remaining fat cells and overall contour.
Arm liposuction primarily targets excess fat deposits, but it may have a limited effect on loose skin in the upper arm area. In cases of significant skin laxity, an arm lift (brachioplasty) may be more appropriate to remove hanging skin and tighten the arm.
Yes, arm liposuction can be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance the overall results. For example, it is common to combine arm liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening to address excess fat and skin laxity, resulting in tighter and more sculpted arms. Arm liposuction can also be combined with an arm lift (brachioplasty) to remove excess arm skin and reshape the arms for a more comprehensive transformation. Combining procedures allows for a customized approach tailored to individual needs and goals.
The main difference between an arm lift and liposuction lies in their focus and objectives. Arm liposuction targets fat removal and body contouring, while an arm lift specifically addresses excess skin and tightens the upper arm area. The choice between the two depends on individual goals and the extent of fat and skin concerns.